Week 6, Day 1 / Week 2, Day 2

My last week in cage confinement – hopefully….  Mummy has booked an appointment at the vets for me on Saturday, and hopefully they’ll decide that I’ve recovered well enough that I don’t need to stay in a cage all day.  I think Mummy is also looking forward to reclaiming her kitchen!  Hal will be going with us as well – he needs his wound checked – and I’ve promised Mummy that I’ll try really hard not to fight with my brother in the car.

Mummy let Hal and me have a wonder round the garden together before breakfast this morning.  It was so lovely being out with him, and we managed not to fight.  Since then Mummy has played a little game of Tug-of-War with Hal, and I’ve played “fetch” in the garden.  I’ve also thrown loads of sand out of my sandpit, and dug up loads of little stones around the house – well, how else does Mummy expect me to amuse myself?

All 4 of us got to spend some time together in the kitchen this evening.  I tried really hard to behave myself, and although Hal and I had a little play fight, I was very careful with his leg and mine.

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