A Kitchen Full of Cages

After the little set back with my leg 1½ weeks Mummy made Zen and me sleep in separate cages.  Since then we’ve taken to going into our own cages at night – they are right next to each other so we can still see and smell each other, but it just gives us so much more room to stretch out.  Well, I think Mummy is now getting worried that she’s going to have to accommodate 3 cages in the kitchen for many years to come – mine, Zen’s and Casey’s (Shandy now shares Casey’s cage – he never used to sleep in a cage until we came along!) – so she decided that we should sleep together last night.  But we’ve got used to having our own space – teenage boys, and all that – so not sure we approve….

Mummy thinks I’m getting bouncy on my walks – well, I am.  I can’t wait to be let off the lead and run across the fields with my brothers.  I’ve nearly completed my 2 weeks of short on-lead walks, so Mummy says if I continue to be good then she will start to extend the length of my walks from this weekend.  I hope that means that I no longer need to be left behind when she takes the others out.

2009-12-08-02.jpg     2009-12-08-03.jpg

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One Response to A Kitchen Full of Cages

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    If Mumma put my cage (which she says I have, but I’ve never seen) in her kitchen, nothing else would fit! My bed takes up a lot of her bedroom & I like to sleep across it, so it’s already too small for me. The other dogs & the cats like it too & sometimwes they won’t let me share. The kip prefers to sleep with her doggy mummy, or her cat mummy. The kip has done funny things to the doggy mummy & she smells strange now.

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