Happy Birthday to Us!

And happy birthday to our brother and sisters.

One year old today – that makes us really old – about 16 in your human years….

We were right – Mummy has had a new special tap installed for us this morning.  She’s still trying to work out the best temperature for us, but we will now always have lovely warm water after our walks.  She tried it on us this afternoon after our 2nd walk of the day – we weren’t too sure about it at first, but once we felt how lovely and warm the water was we quite enjoyed it – not that we let Mummy know!

And we’ve got our new bed and loads more toys – mainly chew bones, which we just love, but a few other toys as well.  We don’t like the bones for powerful chewers so Mummy buys us the ones for moderate chewers – they generally last us a couple of weeks (mind you, brother Casey does help).

Here’s a couple of photos of us on the bed Mummy made – sorry they are so dark, but we were trying to sleep at the time…

2010-02-01-01.jpg     2010-02-01-02.jpg     2010-02-02-01.jpg

 And here’s a couple of photos of our toys, on our new bed:

2010-02-04-02.JPG     2010-02-04-03.JPG

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:


    Mumma sent your Mummy an email about a dog modelling competition ~ if you win it, you could be even more famous!

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