Little Angels

I’m sure Mummy thinks we’re little angels this afternoon… Whilst out walking we all found something quite tasty to eat (yes, another dead animal).  When Mummy called us, Hal and I came running (OK, we took another mouthful each first, but that was all, honest).  Casey followed after a little while, but brother Shandy refused to leave, and Mummy had to go and fetch him in the end and put him on a lead to get him away.  How good of us was that?

Oh, and Mummy seems to love my fur now that I’ve been on Barking Heads for a while – she says that the fur on my head is lovely and soft, even though she feeds us on the Tender Loving Care flavour, rather than Bad Hair Day.  Hal, Shandy and Casey have not been on the food as long as me so their fur isn’t quite as soft and fluffy, although they are catching up with me.  Mummy is trying to get a sample of the Fusspot food as well, so that we can try that – apparently the place she gets our food from will ask for some samples to be sent through.

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