Creatures, Harnesses and Copy Cats

We found another creature on our walk this morning, but couldn’t work out what it was.  The body looked more like deer hair, but the legs looked more like those of foxes (the head was no more, so that didn’t give any clues).  Still, Mummy soon took it off us, and “disposed” of it with the fox we found a few weeks ago.

New harnesses turned up for us today – we already have 2 harnesses each, but hey, you can never have enough harnesses and leads!  Mummy said one of our harnesses (the one we got after our op) is a training harness that we can only wear when we are on a lead, and the other one is not suitable for wearing all day or when we’re swimming, etc.  This new harness is designed to be suitable for us to keep on for long periods when we’re away on holiday (arhh, holidays, now that sounds like fun…).  The other beauties of these harness is that the tummy strap doesn’t sit right under our armpits, the fastening clip is high on our backs so our legs don’t catch on it when we’re running, and they can be easily washed.

Mummy also got the same harnesses for our brothers, Shandy and Casey – we think that was just to make up the amount for free postage, but Mummy says that as they are getting older she doesn’t want them pulling on their collars.

Anyway, we went round to see Cousin Sparky and Cousin Gizzy, and they liked our harnesses so much that they’ve now copied us – so now we’re all going to be colour-coordinated:
          Hal, Casey & Sparky – White Bones on Red
          Zen, Shandy & Gizzy – White Paws on Blue Zebra

Here are a few photos of our lovely new harnesses:

2010-02-20-01.jpg     2010-02-20-03.jpg     2010-02-20-07.jpg

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3 Responses to Creatures, Harnesses and Copy Cats

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Close ups of your harnesses, please. What breed are they? I’m on my 3rd harness! I, umm, “lost” my black one in your pictures & now I have a plain red one like my first 1 ~ a denim one with bones. Mumma keeps looking at a harness with rings for traces (that’s what big horsey said they were when I asked her about it) so I can pull a cart. NO NO NO ~ I’se not want to pull anything ~ I’m the wrong shape & size. Will mumma make me pull her along? She says that as Rawnie Spangle has a baby growing (where? ~ I think that’s just an excuse), & Shchimmerella is too young, she can’t drive & she’d love to drive again. Would mumma really drive me? She calls me her horse-dog

  2. Gizzy says says:

    Yes, Sparky amd I are getting the same harnesses and same colour ones as our cousins. Why are we called copy-cats when we are doggies?

  3. Woofwoof says:

    The harnesses look very fashionable.

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