Training Mummy

Mummy’s training is coming along well.  She now trusts us to wander around in the fields without having to keep calling us back just to check that we will come – although she does hide in the trees if we run off too far, but that’s OK, that’s more like a game than telling us what to do.

But Mummy still needs to work harder on the following:

  • feeding us bigger quantities / more often – Mummy likes us slim, but surely it’s a breach of our animal rights for us not to be able to decide how overweight we want to be
  • giving us a treat every time we return to her, not just when she thinks we’ve done some particularly exceptional recall
  • not calling us off when we’re chasing a bird, rabbit or squirrel
  • playing with us all the time, giving us all her attention, not using the excuse of something called ‘work’ to ignore us
  • taking us swimming more often – and the muddier the water the better
  • letting us sleep on her bed whenever we want to:

2010-02-16-01.jpg     2010-02-16-03.jpg

2010-02-16-04.jpg     2010-02-16-05.jpg

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4 Responses to Training Mummy

  1. Gizzy says says:

    What a nice big bed you have to rest on. Does your Mummy sleep in a single bed?

  2. Woofwoof says:

    I agree – treats for all

  3. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I agree, mummas/mummys need training: mine still won’t leave the sacks or bin with lovely meaty lumps open so I can eat up all the meaty lumps. I agree that mummas should always be there to lavish attention, praise, adoration on ME, except when *I* want to do other things. Mummas should share their lovely food with me, betyter still, they should cook the lovely food for ME, but add meat. Mumma should sleep on the floor so I can have ALL her bed as I need it, being so big & royal & I could do with more pillows…

  4. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Your thingy can’t do maths ~ it asked me to add 5 meaty lumps & 3 meaty lumps, which gives 2 meaty lumps for each paw, or 8 meaty lumps in total, but when I did the sum, it told me I was wrong 🙁

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