Skoryy Lovok

As Skoryy Lovok seems to be our greatest fan these days, we thought we’d include a couple of photos of him so you can all see what he looks like:

skoryy-lovok-2009-09-27.jpg     skoryy-lovok-2009-11-30-for-killinet.jpg

Come to think of it, he’s our only fan these days – what have we done to upset everyone else?  Why does no-one else comment on our blog?  In particular, what’s happened to all the female contributors – are we no longer attractive to females?

PS Hal got it wrong, but he won’t confess – it wasn’t Shandy’s turn to be groomed tonight but mine.  I thought I was safe, but Hal had lulled me into a false sense of security.  And he won’t now admit that he was wrong – hence I’m having to write the update for today.

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1 Response to Skoryy Lovok

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I’s famous!!! That’s me ~ the Prince 🙂 Mumma says I’s a very clever puppy ~ I caught a hare this morning & brought him in 1 piece to mumma! OK, Twili had cornered the hare first, but I killed him. He was enormous & had black-tipped ears & a white belly. Mumma gave him to my girly’s mummy. I think I might want him back…

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