Cousin Piri and the Vets

Cousin Piri needed to go to the vets today as she had a sore on her back end.  We were really good and let her travel in our car so that she could see the nice man who could make her better.  We were very pleased, though, that Mummy didn’t make us go in the vets as well – we’ve seen enough of vets in our short life, although we do rather like our 2 vets.

Mummy had to help Grandpa cut up a tree today that some horrible people had cut down in a field.  As Mummy didn’t want us around the chain saw, we were left with Grandma – I think she felt a bit sorry for us, being left all on our own so she kept making a fuss of us, not that we took advantage at all…

We had more snow today, but also some sun – but it’s still cold here.

The smoke alarm started making that tweeting noise again this evening, and Casey immediately went funny on us – he didn’t even want to eat his tea.  At one point we all thought we were going to have to sleep in the car as Casey couldn’t take it any more (indeed, Mummy did settle us all down in the car for a while, and she even made a temporary bed for herself in there), but Grandpa managed to get the owner back to stop the noise for a second time.  Although it would have been fun to sleep in the car with Mummy, I think it might have been rather cold in there.  Perhaps we can do that in the summer, when it’s warmer…

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Maybe your mummy would be warm with puppy blankets in the car. Maybe you could try it in the Summer.

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