Hyper Puppies

Mummy says that we’re being hyper today as we’ve not had our normal long walks this last week.  Well, we did enjoy ourselves in the field this morning, running around everywhere, playing with every dog that we met and fighting with each other when there was no-one else to play with.  But it’s peaceful now, as we’ve been having a snooze – we’ve missed all our beds, although Mummy did take our 2 favourite ones to Ireland with us.

Here’s Zen, enjoying being back home with all his toys:

2010-04-04-01.jpg     2010-04-04-03.jpg     2010-04-04-04.jpg

Oh, and we’re 14 months old today – happy 14 months to us!!!

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I wanted to take you on long walks 🙁

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