Mini Flood and Squishing

Mummy turned on our outside shower today for the first time since we had the really cold weather – she decided we needed a bath as we’d got rather muddy on our walk this morning.  But when Mummy went back in the house she discovered a mini flood – one of the pipe joints had worked loose in the cold, and the pipe was leaking into the cupboards.  Oh well, Mummy needed to give them a clean….

Oh the indignity of it – we got muddy on our walk this afternoon, and with no outside shower working at the moment what does Mummy do? – only squeezes us into the utility sink to wash our tummies, legs and paws.  Mummy, we were never meant to be THAT small.

Here’s a couple of photos of us recovering afterwards:

2011-01-01-01.jpg     2011-01-01-05.jpg

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