Day 2 of Freedom

My elbow was hurting quite a lot last night, so Mummy gave me half a pain killer, which certainly helped.  We’re hoping that it wasn’t my being out of the cage or the short walk I went on that caused it to hurt.  I did run up and down the stairs a couple of times at Grandma’s so that could be what caused it to hurt so much – Mummy did try to stop me, but I was just too quick for her.  Mummy hasn’t let us near the stairs at home since Zen first got his limp, so they are rather exciting to us.  Let’s see how it goes today….

Hi Zen here – Mummy let me have a run off lead this morning.  Well, I was so excited, and didn’t want to risk going back on the lead that I ran to the other side of the field and tracked Mummy from there!  Only problem was when she went through a gap in the bushes into the next field and I had to run very fast to catch her up.  Still, I don’t seem any worse for all that running, and it was soooooo lovely to feel free again.  We did a short walk afterwards for which Mummy made me stay on a lead as Hal came with us – Hal seemed soooooo pleased to be out, even if he didn’t get to meet any other dogs.  Don’t think he can wait to see all his friends again.  I’m ready for a snooze now, after all that exercise.

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  1. Suzye says:

    I’m looking fotrward to Skoryy being 1 so he can gallop at full pelt. He’s not supposed to gallop until he’s 1 &, thankfully, the other dogs aren’t as fast as him ~ he gallops with them at their speed.

    A Spaniel runs races with our bus ~ he goes at 30mph ~ I hope you 2 don’t do that.

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